National all breed dog shows

20.06.2020 and


Location: Luige baas, Luige alevik, Kiili vald, 75404, Harju maakond

This is drive-in show. So you can arrive about a hour before your breed judgment and leave after judgment, if your dog doesn´t participate in final competitions.

  • INFO! +372 5555 5138
  • For ENTRY send us show entry, a copy of the registration certificate if dog is not in EST register and copy of the receipt to the entry form! Registration in to Champion Class only if Champion Title copy is added.
  • In receipt explanation please write dogshow and participant dog(s) certificate number(s)!
  • All papers should arrive in same time and payment amount in accord the terms below. Unpaid registrations will be deleted!
  • e-mail:
  • Post: Mäevana põik 9, Aespa alevik, Raplamaa, Eesti 79825
  • BANK: Lääne-Harju Koerakasvatajate Klubi SEB a/a nr. EE381010220222731228 SWIFT EEUHEE2X
  • After sending entry you should get a confirmation letter in about a week! If you haven’t got pleace check has the letter been sent to correct aadress or write to us in!